Monetizing Strategy

There are two asset in your life which have tremendous potential. Over the years we have learnt a standard approach to monetize these two asset and generate income through it.

First Asset

Every home has someone from the family who works to make money, Now, it really doesn’t matter what amount of money they make. What is important to know is that they smartly divide that income into

Because that’s the right thing to do, but If you have evaluated your money you would know that the majority (60% to 70%) of your income is spent and that is called, your spending power.  This money is spent on products, services or others.

We will empower you to monetize your own spending power, and by doing so you will start making money.

money, purse, bank note

Second Asset

The two most powerful trends of 21st century is
• Connect with friends, family and other people via different social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN etc. these platforms are used regularly by most of us.
• But what you might not be aware of that big businesses are spending billions of dollars to design a strategy where you open the doors to network for them.
For example, OLA & UBER will ask you to refer them to 5 friends, giving you Rs. 50 off on your next ride, by following a simple strategy UBER made a turnover of 11 Billion Dollars in 2019.
Similarly, you have given reference and allowed different brands to monetize on your own social network.
We will empower you to monetize your own social network, and by doing that you will start scaling your startup and make more money.

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