Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your vision is to create leaders who are capable of creating more leaders, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who believe in the principle of success, who believe that there is something more to life. We have team of players, coaches & mentor from diverse background , successful in their conventional work but passionately building their scalable startup.

Mahesh Bijlani

Surgeon | Entrepreneur | Mentor

Renowned Laparoscopic Surgeon with 26 years of surgical practice, affiliate to national & international association, board member of companies, owner of SYNERGY LIFE MED, Mumbai. He has been successfully mentoring young professionals from a diverse background for 15 years to become financially independent by owning their own startup.

Rahul Pandey

Marketer | Entrepreneur | Coach

Young professional worked with a different corporate giant, he has diverse experience in business development, Sales & Marketing, design & branding and a consultant to Med-tech startup. He is successful at coaching young professionals to have an opportunity to own their own startup, without disturbing their conventional work.

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