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Vanie Thapar

Gynaecologist | Ludhiana, Punjab

I am an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Director of a 40 bedded hospital and an IVF unit. Despite being professionally successful I was looking for choices and balance in life. Dr Mahesh Bijlani a renowned Surgeon who has been mentoring people from diverse fields introduced me to this opportunity and the fantastic Mentorship Program that came with it. I was fortunate to get him as my Coach. Today I am an Entrepreneur with a vision to attain financial freedom by adding value to people’s lives.

Pragya Shetty

Human Resource | Mumbai

With couple of years working in the HR industry, I learned that my salary is not enough to cover my expense so I was looking to make extra income on part-time to support my finances. I feel fortunate to have got introduced to this concept by Rahul Pandey. I had to qualify and earn the opportunity to be part of the team. The most exciting part of the journey is the team who is not only helping me make extra income but also helping me achieve the goal of becoming financially independent.

Kiran Kinger

Stock Broker | Mumbai

Being a self employed individual trading in stocks for the last 25 years, has been a great experience. Made a lot of money over the years, but, realised an honest fact, what took years to make and accumulate could vanish in one bad year. With God's blessings, met, Dr. Mahesh Bijlani, who introduced me to the concept of creating wealth without Investment via the opportunity and got exposed to people from various professions working as a team, who are achieving their Dreams for a tension free life under the coaching and mentorship program offered through the opportunity.

Jeetesh Hasija

Physician | Mumbai

Hello friends this is Dr Jeetesh Hasija, physician. I was looking for something secure which will help me buy back my time and allow me to do things i enjoy like travelling, photography and trying various cuisine. And, not compromise on my responsibilities.I found a guide in my friend Dr Mahesh Bijlani. He introduced me to this beautiful concept of social commerce. I liked the concept and loved the team spirit and association of wonderful people which came with it. I have become a better person. And, am on my way to a better life with this awesome combination. Thank you.

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