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Your reason could be anything, it could be building a startup, owning your own venture, diversifying your income or it could be making some extra income to support your finance. 

How we can help you?

In one line, we help people create asset based incomes without a high investment, prior experience or high risk of quitting their full time profession. Can you do it? We cannot say without taking you through a time tested process that evaluates your learning capability, prior skill set and aptitude

The way we do it is very simple but extremely powerful when duplicated – we create network of consumer and connect them to a manufacturer, bypassing the current distribution networks which reward only those people who have access to a lot of capital and risk taking capacity. Our goal is to empower the common consumer to become profit sharing partner.

Everybody is looking for opportunity today – sadly most of us are stuck either for want of money, viable ideas or risk taking capability because starting something of your own more often than not requires quitting an existing job/profession and going full throttle. We have been successful in mitigating all these problems either through the use of common technology or long standing systems that we have created over the years. That has enabled us to make owning a business like plug and play. If we can just start leveraging these same tools to start building a venture, we can with little to no investment build an empire for ourselves.

How do we do it?

What Uber has done to the world of taxis by enabling anybody to monetize their car and start making profit from the public transport opportunity on their platform , or what Airbnb has done to the world of hotels by enabling anybody to monetize their spare room/house and make profit from the paid accommodation opportunity on their platform, we are able to do that by monetizing our own spending power and start making profit from the social commerce opportunity on our platform. Bringing the opportunity and the money in the hands of the common man who has the dream but not the resources. 

The biggest problem is that most people like us are trained in their professions for the job world. The difference between entrepreneurship and mainstream occupations is something very fundamental – how they treat failure. The“established world” and “entrepreneur world” are fundamentally different and require entirely different skills. Startups/businesses/ventures require deep experience with failure. Exceedingly few 1st time entrepreneurs succeed (actually the occurrence is below what would be expected statistically). The “established” business world values success and stability — traits that are contradictory to the career path of people who are trying to do something offbeat and different. 

And so, our 90% of the initial time is spent in changing the worldview of prospective partners – getting them to learn the essential entrepreneurial skills of networking, sales, leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, public speech, financial discipline, investment mindset and delayed gratification. And only then can we spend the rest 10% of the time on predicting profits and charting a growth plan. 

Thinking of exploring this on part time?

The main difference between business and job is one – you define your own goals in business, success in business completely depends on the business owner/entrepreneur. Whereas in job the goals are defined for you and if you put in extra time you can easily supersede it.

When you look at this difference at the end of the month, if you don’t produce in a job, you will still get your salary. But it doesn’t work like that in business world. The only hassle to get into any sorts of business is either time or money investment, without those you will not be able to run a conventional business. Now the challenge for most of the professionals in today’s dynamic world is that they are currently living in an active income and they don’t have enough time to put into building a startup conventionally. That’s where we come in, neither you need a capital investment nor you need to sacrifice your current source of income.

But there are few important points to note, before you think of explore this as an opportunity.
1. We are looking at 15 hours/week of consistent quality time investment.
2. Our prime focus is to help our partners to build a mindset of an entrepreneur and which will happen only if you are ready to be in student mode to listen and learn.
3. We would like to see some priority from both of our ends as we are looking at a partnership. Accountability and adaptability are two very important factor.

We have seen only 5% people qualify and get into this enriching experience of owning the platform to work with and build their own startup. After several interaction with people from around the world we realized that those who knew the prerequisite and those who were clear about their expectation of what they want to achieve financially through this platform were the one who created huge financial gain.

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What's Next?

We are glad you took a decision to go through the details and decided to invest time to get into interaction with our team to understand the potential benefit for yourself. All you have to do now is get in touch with the person who has helped you with the details or fill out the contact form. We will revert back to you in next 24 hours. 

Since our model doesn’t required capital investment or huge time commitment as compared to any other business venture, we are all the more careful who we choose to work with. In models where substantial investments are required, the money on the line itself ensures seriousness and commitment which is not the case here. We expect you to be patient and committed through the process.

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